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Welcome to Livengood Websites, your trusted food ordering app development company based in North Carolina. Our expert developers excel in providing online food ordering app development solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether you run a local restaurant or a food delivery startup, our customized app development services ensure a seamless food ordering experience for your customers.

online food ordering app development

If you need it quick, you can count on us.

Most online ordering websites and apps can take up to 3 months to complete!

We offer a ​quick turnaround.

We can have your site up and taking orders the same day or at most within 3 - 10 days​ (depending on how many items are on the menu) starting today!

To get a quote, just click the button below and fill out the quick form and we'll be in touch.

You may be asking:

How are you different or better than competitor's ordering solution?

What custom services and customization can you provide to stand out and impress us?

Frankly speaking, we cannot keep an ongoing updated view on every detail of any specific alternative solution. If there is a very specific aspect you are interested in I may be able to answer or find out but I cannot provide a relevant 360 analysis which probably will be so long that you won't have time to study anyway.

There are thousands of solutions out there, no one can keep track of each one of them.

If you want to shop around you can start from this street-fight top:

What I do know is that:

  1. Our platform stands for a "simplified" online ordering experience for small and medium restaurants, designed to maximize sales, frequency of repeat orders, and viewer to orderer conversion.
  2. Moreover, we provide the best promo and coupons module in the industry - you'll be hard-pressed to find a system that allows you to set up crazy promotions like ours.
  3. We're also leaders in performance and system stability. Our solution is a HA cloud-based system sitting on an Amazon AWS grid and interconnected with many other 3rd party services (Amazon push, Google, push, Apple push, payment processors, Twillio, etc).

Need more details and information?

This video just gives an example of how powerful this system is.

With your order, you will also be provided with an app to accept or reject orders as they come in and provide the delivery estimated time to the client.

Take payments straight from your app or website WITHOUT any fees, you keep 100% of your money!

See an example

In this brief video is a demo of how customers use it and what happens on your end when an order comes in. You can allow your customers to order from your website, Facebook page, and mobile app.

They can book a table from your website and mobile app too.

Get a Professional new website.

Activate Your Sales Optimized Website service that is optimized mainly for online sales from us today to increase your traffic and conversion up to 30% or even up to 300%!

  • Online ordering seamlessly integrated
  • Best performance on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • SEO tuning - Easy to find in Google and Bing
Online restaurant website template

View a demo site: Click Here.

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